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Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI Gil--USD Price

Total Amount USD

Delivery Information

1.Our promise for Final fantasy xi gilsending is 30mins-24 hours!

2.After you paid, please login the game Everquest II goldand open your private chat. We will chat with you in game Final fantasy xi giland tell you the trading process of Final fantasy xi gil.

3.If you spend more than USD100 on buying ffxi gil, please contact our 24/7 online support ASAP to speed up your order process.

4.If you can not login in time after your successful payment, please send your following informations to runescape360 with email :
  • 1). Your regular online time;
  • 2). Your available phone number;
  • 3). Your email in common use;
  • 4). Your account on our web;
  • 5). Your order number on our web.(There is 5-8min delay when the payment transmission to the paypal.)

Attention:Runescape360 will never ask you to give back your finalfantasy gil in game, and never ask for password of your finalfantasyaccount.

Help Desk Live chat here :
Live Chat
Email here:

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Important Note

we promise to deliver runescape gold to you in 30 mins-24hours. If you don't receive your order in 10 minute, we in this said sorry and gurantee 5% free gold more for you!