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Runescape360 Customer Support

Welcome to Runescape360 customer support. We pride ourselves on our high quality customer support; open every day, around the clock, to serve you. Please check out our for immediate answers to your questions.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

For immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions, Read our Frequently Asked Questions

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You can reach us at any of the email addresses below. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond. If you have urgent issues that need our immediate attention, please contact us via LiveChat. 

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You can reach us at any time of day via Live Chat. Just click on the Live Chat button below and you will be connected to our support department.
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Why does my order require voice verification and/or fax verification?We like to take all possible steps to protect our clients' details as well as the integrity of Runescape360. By speaking with our client's on the phone, we not only make the transaction fast, easy and safe, but it also gives us a chance to strengthen our connection to our clients and answer any questions you might have.