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Runescape mini game

Note :

Beware 1, If you don't receive a phone call or an email in 5 minutes after you've placed the order. Please Jump in our LiveChat with your order code to confirm your order. Correct Phone Number is required. Orders can only be started after it's been confirmed on the phone.
Beware 2, 100% Manual Service Guaranteed (It has come to our attention that more and more players are using bots to farm gold or do powerleveling, For a long term run of your account, runescap360.com highly suggests RS players to stay away from ANY kind of bots). We use VPN(Virtual Private Network) that's bought from US when we are working on your account, so there won't be any kind of local IP exposal and it's absolutely Safe
Beware 3, If you really have to login game during the service time, make sure to let our LiveChat know. An email will be sent to you right away when we have finished your order. Click here to Know More about runescap360.com.

How to pay us in runescape-mini-game:

1 Fill the price we show you below,then write your char name and everything you want to tell us ,click buy now button, and come our live help for more detail.

2 You can also send money to gamekingj@hotmail.com(Paypal) directly at the price we show you below,and click live help to asist you too!

3 Hint: use win+f to find your game imediately!

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